National Conference on
Geo-intelligence for Sustainable Development

13,14 December 2019, SIG Atur Center, Pune

About Us

About Us

Symbiosis,Pune has emerged as a global leader to provide quality education over the past forty-eight years.Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics(SIG) is a one of the constituent of Symbiosis International University.SIG was established in 2004 with the sole objective to create professional human resource in the field of Geospatial Technology.

The Institute provides qualitative education in the domain of Geoinformatics and data science and also conducts the high quality of research in fields of natural resource,water resource management and big data science.SIG offers a variety of courses including M.Sc.(Geoinformatics),M.Sc.(Environment and Sustainability),M.Sc.(Data Science and Spatial Analytics) and certificate courses.

About the Conference


Chief Patron: Prof. (Dr.) S.B. Mujumdar Chancellor, SIU, Pune
Co-Chief Patron: Dr. VidyaYeravdekar, Pro-Chancellor, SIU, Pune
Patron: Prof. (Dr.) Rajani Gupte, Vice-Chancellor, SIU, Pune

Convenor and Organising Commitee

Convener: Prof. (Dr.) T.P. Singh, Director, SIG, Pune
Organising Secretary: Dr. Navendu Chaudhary, Associate Professor, SIG, Pune
Organising Secretary: Dr. Dharmaveer Singh, Assistant Professor, SIG, Pune

Today, India is facing number of challenges, owing to uncontrolled population growth and development activities in the past. Climate change and disasters, environmental degradation and pollution of natural resources, water scarcity, over exploitation of natural resources and proliferation of slums are amongst the most pressing challenges, which are required to have immediate actions to achieve goals of sustainable development. Finding appropriate solutions to these challenges are not very easy as these are very complex in nature and require the state-of-the art technology for the collection, measurement, handling, analyzing large volumes of different data sets. However, the recent advances in sensor technology, coupled with rapid development of computational power, have greatly enhanced our abilities to capture, store and analyze the surrounding physical environment.
A field evolved, alongside this progress, is field of Geo-Intelligence(GI). GI is at the forefront of predicting and mitigating disasters and disaster response. GI coupled with Earth Observation Technology provides a sophisticated framework to adddress issues at all levels of disaster response and recovery.
GI Technology will play a significant role in providing vital services. Looking at the potential of GI Technology to address the challenges faced by our civilization, there is a need to deliberate on developing a framework where GI technology can be augmented through advances in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence(AI). GI technology should evolve to cater to a computing framework for location-based data, integrating earth observation and predictive modeling in order to recognize complex patterns and phenomena.
In Light of recent advances, we have taken the initiative of conducting a National Conference on Geo-intelligence with the following objectives:
1. Deliberation to define the role and value of Geo-Intelligence(GI) technology towards sustainable development.
2. Stock-making of domain-wise strategies to leverage GI to create opportunities for researchers and decision makers.
3. Creation of an action plan to follow-up on outcomes of the conference and build partnerships.


theme 1

Energy&Natural Resources

  • Wind energy

  • Solar energy

  • Thermal energy

  • Forest resources

  • Agricultural resources

  • Marine resources

  • Land resources

  • theme 2

    Climate Change&Livelihood

  • Atmospheric pollutants & air quality

  • Rainfall measurement and modelling

  • Extreme events analysis & predictability

  • Glaciers recession & modelling

  • Localised indicators of climate change

  • Sea surface temperature & anomalies

  • Indian monsoon

  • Impacts of climate change on agriculture, water, forestry, glaciers, economy etc.

  • theme 3

    Water,Sanitation&Public Health

  • Assessment, monitoring & mapping of water resources

  • Water security,insecurity,governance & policy

  • Water quality

  • Water economics

  • Water isotopes

  • Sectoral distribution of water and role in economic development

  • Population dynamics & public health & policy

  • Enviornmental public health & policy

  • theme 4

    Smart Urban Infrastructure &Geospatial Policy

  • Powering up meeting India's energy needs

  • Application of Big Data Analytics and Block Chain in improving public services and utilities

  • Smart water management - Future of utilities

  • Smart and Green mobility using geospatial technology

  • Digital city, IoT , Cloud Computing , geospatial intelligence for smart urban infrastructure development

  • theme 5


  • Modelling the multi-functionality of landscapes

  • Ecological & Niche modelling

  • Web services and associated infrastructures for ecological models and databases

  • Ecosystem services

  • Environmental (air & water) modelling

  • theme 6

    Big Data Science&Spatial Analytics

  • Internet of things (IOT) and spatial analytics

  • Spatial data analysis and spatial statistics

  • Spatial Big data

  • Locational Intelligence for Decision making

  • Advancement in Spatial Analytics

  • Spatial Data science

  • theme 7

    Disaster Management

  • Flood/Drought disaster vulnerability & risk assessments

  • Cyclones/Tsunamis/Earthquakes monitoring & predictability

  • Forest fire monitoring, mapping & assessment

  • Disaster preparedness &mitigation

  • Call of Abstract

    Abstract of papers(300-500 words) on the session themes of the Conference are invited for oral/poster presentation.The abstract of the papers can be submitted by e-mail selected full lengths will be published in SCI/Scopus Indexed Journals.

    The font size should be Times New Roman with font size 12pt with single spacing.The Title page should include Title,Author,Affiliation and E-mail.There should be 3 to 5 keywords.

    Award for Best Oral/Poster Presentation

    To increase awareness and promote geospatial technology among students,the committee has decided to provide an award of INR 10000/- for the best oral and poster presentation in student's category.

    The presentations/posters will be evaluated by jury of eminent scholars and awards will be given in the valedictory session of the conference.

    Advisory Commitee/Speakers

    Dr.M.N Rajeevan

    Secretary Ministry of Earth Sciences,New Delhi. His Research area is climate change and extreme weather,Cloud-Radiation Interaction and Satellite Applications.

    Dr.Shailesh Nayak

    Ex-Secretary MoES & Director NIAS,Indian Institute of Sciences Bengalaru. His Research area is oceonography and remote sensing.

    Shri R.D.Singh

    Professor Emeritius Indian Institute of Technology & Ex-Director,National Institute Of Hydrology,Roorkee. His research area is Hydrological Modelling and flood Managemnet.

    Mr.Sandeep Shrivastava

    Associate Director,Centre for Development of Advanced Computing(C-DAC),Pune. His Research area is Geo-intelligence.


    Department is Professor,Department Of Geographgy,Delhi University,New Delhi. His research area is Environment and Health, Urban Environment.

    Dr.Bhoop Singh

    Director,Natural Resource Data Management Systems,Department of Science and Technology,New Delhi. His research area is Remote Sensing Applications.


    Group Director and Scientist-H,National Remote Sensing Centre,Hyderabad.His research area is Forest and Ecology.


    Professor,SES,JNU,New Delhi.His research area is Environment Management And Modelling.

    Dr.Mukund Behra

    Associate Professor,Centre for Oceans,Rivers,Atmosphere and Science,IITK,Kharagpur. His research area is Earth and Spatial Science.

    Dr.Santosh Kumar

    Director and Professor,National Institute of Disaster Management,New Delhi. His research area is Disaster Management.

    Shri D.K Das

    Director in SAC Ahmedabad.

    Shri Tapan Misra

    Senior Advisory to Chairman at ISRO Bengalaru.

    Dr.Sarnam Singh

    Dean and Professor,SEES,NU,Nalanda.

    Shri D.K. Singh

    Director,Maharastra and Goa GDC,Survey of India,Pune

    Shri Shirish Ravan

    Senior Programme Officer at UN-SPIDER,Vienna

    Shri Giriraj Amarnath

    Research Group Leader,IWMI,Colombo

    Dr.Ketan Kotecha

    Dean and Professor,Faculty of Engineering,SIU Pune


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