Registration closes on 13/09/2019

Here Datathon

@Symbiosis Institute Of Geoinformatics

September 18th and 19th 2019 in Pune


About Symbiosis Institute Of Geoinformatics

India is one of the fastest growing economies and the contribution of Geoinformatics towards growth has been immense.
In spite of having gained international recognition at a very early stage, Geoinformatics is gradually gaining popularity in the Indian subcontinent as well.
Symbiosis Pune, was amongst the first to recognize this brewing change of trends and accordingly took initiatives that led to the inception of SIG in 2004.
Once SIG came into existence, there was no looking back. In line with the legacy of Symbiosis colleges in Pune, SIG provides its students with the best in terms of education and learning environment. For more details Click here

Setting a new course for location technology

As a company of over 8000 employees all focused on the concept of location and the potential it has to radically improve the way we do business.

The way we get around and the way we live, we are shaping the future by redefining what was formerly known as a map.

In 1985, we began with the simple goal to digitize mapping and pioneer in-car navigation systems. Over the next three decades, as NAVTEQ and Nokia, we have built a legacy in mapping technology.

Today, we're creating living three-dimensional maps that grow upwards, breathing with layers of information and insights. And we're looking beyond.

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Let us Walk you through our past Event
Spatial Datathon 1.0

Participation Rules for Here Datathon

    1. A team of 3 members are allowed to participate who will have 2 students of Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics for covering the spatial aspects.

    2. Pre-formed and registered teams will only be allowed to participate.

    3. Teams are advised to carry their own devices. Only backup support will be provided by the institute.

    4. The team must have three students from any recognised institute.

    5.There is no registration fees.